Hello Project PAI Community! Here are the latest updates.

Technology Updates

The developers of the PAI Up wallet — the digital wallet for PAIcoin — are rounding out the different versions of the app, including testing on a desktop version for Windows OS.

  • - Mainnet is complete and will launch next week
  • -Initial Version of Windows PAI Up is complete 
  • - Completed testing of installer wizards and multi-signature wallet support 
  • - Polishing up UI components
  • - Working on obtaining code-signing certificates for secure distribution of desktop apps
  • - Completed development on tools for PAIcoin distribution to pre-sale investors
  • - Began development on a secure web wallet platform for PAIcoin
  • - Andriod wallet is currently in QA testing, with live user testing underway 
  • - iOS wallet is currently still in development with developers working to troubleshoot app distribution

Going Off to Harvard


At Harvard sharing ObEN’s adoption of the Project PAI Blockchain

This month, Project PAI early adopter ObEN was invited to share their work on the PAI Blockchain at Harvard University as part of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit. The event capped off Boston Blockchain Week, a week-long event that brought together entrepreneurs, researchers, students and investors to explore the evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Students from one of the world’s leading universities were fascinated by the potential applications of Personal AI on the blockchain.

You can watch the live stream of the conference here.

Upcoming Events

Where in the World is PAI?

Here are Project PAI’s upcoming events. Click on the links to RSVP.

5/11 Startup World Cup Finals (San Francisco) — Last year in Dubai, ObEN's adoption of the Project PAI Blockchain took home first prize in the regional round of the Startup World Cup. This month, ObEN will compete in the final round with over 30 of the most promising new companies and projects from around the world!

5/11 Innovation & Technology Law Symposium (Seattle) — ObEN CEO and co-founder Nikhil Jain will be featured at the University of Seattle School of Law’s unique program on innovation, technology, laws and regulation in blockchain and fintech. Nikhil will join a panel of industry experts discussing the current and future state of blockchain technology.

May: AI, Blockchain & Crypto and Women in Blockchain Meetup (Los Angeles) — details coming soon, join the meetup groups for updates.

Adopter Update

Did you know that many of Project PAI’s adopters are hiring top talent to help improve the technology that powers the PAI Blockchain? Here is a video on what  it’s like to work as a researcher on the ObEN speech team, working on the technology that powers your Personal AI’s voice.

Community Updates
Dr. Julie Albright presenting at the April Women in Blockchain Meetup

Project PAI loves supporting the global blockchain community, and has been on a mission to support meetups that help spread awareness and interest in blockchain technology.

Project PAI supported two recent events: the Pasadena AI, Blockchain, and Crypto Meetup featuring speaker Heidi Pease, founder of the LA Blockchain Lab, and Women in Blockchain with Dr. Julie Albright, who was named one of the “24 Most Influential Women in Blockchain”!

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates!

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Jennifer McMullen
It is great to see that people from all over the country are excited about the potential of PAI especially referring to it being on the blockchain. 
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Yes, what makes Project PAI's vision so unique and revolutionary is the fact that Personal AIs are authenticated and secured on the blockchain! 
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