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AI for the Future


ObEN and Project PAI on stage at the 2019 GIFT Summit, with executives from Amazon, Alibaba, and Project PAI


We know that AI is one of the major drivers of innovation and change - but what does it take to truly shape the future with AI? Collaboration across existing enterprises, innovative new solutions, as well as support for legal and government entities.


Representatives for each of these sectors took the stage together at the 2019 GIFT Summit, including Nikhil Jain of ObEN and Chuck Ng of Project PAI, to discuss why and how AI is having such a monumental impact around the world, and the opportunities and challenges such fast-moving technology brings.


The Global Innovation and Future Technology Summit (GIFTs) is a premiere summit in Silicon Valley that focuses on global cooperation and groundbreaking innovation. Nikhil and Chuck shared the stage with executives from Alibaba Cloud, Amazon, Rokid, and law firm Davis, Wright, Tremaine LLP to discuss how each player in the ecosystem - from established companies to new innovators, have a role to play in the future of AI. Many attendees were very intrigued and impressed with Project PAI’s take on combining AI and blockchain - combining two technologies to exponentially increase the potential of both.




Counting Down to Consensus


Consensus is less than two weeks away, and we are gearing up for an exciting showing by Project PAI and ObEN team at the annual blockchain and crypto conference.

Consensus is the largest and most renowned event in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Thousands of attendees from around the world will flock to New York, the financial center of the world, to discuss the many new developments in the world of blockchain and crypto - the financial and technological center of the future.

Government agencies like the US Security and Exchange Commission, as well as leading companies like Fedex and PwC will be attendance. Which is why we are so excited to have ObEN CEO Nikhil Jain give a presentation on Blockchain, AI, and the future of digital media and information to this amazing audience. In addition, senior members of the Project PAI team will also be in attendance to forge new connections and partnerships to help grow the PAI blockchain ecosystem. If you see us, make sure to come say hello.


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