Hello Project PAI Community. Here are this week’s updates.


PAI Up, Up, and Away!

The PAI Up wallet team is back with a big new update! You’ve asked for it, so we are happy to declare that PAI Up Web Wallet is here!

Designed to work with most major web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Edge, PAI Up Web Wallet lets you conveniently manage and transfer your PAI Coin from any device, any where. You can port your existing PAI Up Mobile Wallet to your Web Wallet, or if you don’t have PAI Up Mobile, simply create a new PAI Up Web Wallet account. It’s convenient, easy, fast, and secure. So whether you like using the mobile app, or prefer the web version for its untethered access, or want to use both for different occasions - PAI Up gives you the freedom to manage your PAI Coin, your way.

Sign up for your web wallet at wallet.paiup.com. If you need help with the setup process, here is a handy-dandy guide to create a new account or to port your existing PAI Up Mobile account to the Web Wallet. If you need more assistance, just head over to support.paiup.com .


All the VR in the World

This week, Japan is hosting the VR/AR/MR World, one of the largest gatherings in the VR space. ObEN is attending the conference to demo a new social VR experience it created in collaboration with SoftBank. Read more here.

Smart v “Smart” Contracts

For all the developers out there - or anyone who wants to learn more about the technical side of blockchain, here is a great article on the difference between typical smart contracts, and “smart” contracts you can build on bitcoin-based blockchains like the Project PAI Blockchain. It’s part of a library of content written by the folks at J1149, who are creating a collaborative informational resource for developers on the PAI Blockchain.

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates!

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