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Technology Updates

  • Proof of Useful Work (PoUW)
    • Worked on a gossip protocol based on SWIM to detect failed worker nodes
    • Worked on a message history agreement procedure based on Schulze voting
    • Worked on new procedure for nonce generation and verification
    • Worked on adversarial models for block commitments
    • Worked on improving the security of the message history
  • Proof of Work/Proof of Stake (PoW/PoS) Hybrid Mining
    • Worked on Wallet/Stake Remote Procedure Call (RPC) commands
    • Worked on Wallet/Multisignature RPC operations
    • Worked on Wallet/Ticket RPC API
    • Implemented structure for validation of stake transactions
  • PAI Coin Mining & Staking Pool
    • Support for database schema migrations
    • Implemented Google Authenticator and recovery keys authentication
    • Updated user's profiles to support user country and Google Authenticator
    • Improved PAI Miner unit tests, including reconnection and multi-threading
    • Implemented PAI Miner statistics engine
    • Created PAI Miner installers for Windows, Linux and macOS
    • Implemented CoinTransactionProvider

Monthly GitHub Pulse

This month's activity on the Project PAI GitHub include:

  • 6 developers pushed 30 commits

PAIYO Roundup


It’s been over a month since the launch of PAIYO Alpha, and we are happy to share that the first social dApp on the PAI Blockchain has been a major success. Thanks to help from the greater Project PAI community, over 4,000 people worldwide have tested out and provided feedback for the app. All of that feedback will be distilled by the ObEN team in improvements for the next generation of PAI applications. Stay tuned for more great things to come.


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