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Hanging Out in VR

image1.jpg  ObEN and Salin combine their cutting-edge tech to create a new social experience

Project PAI adopter ObEN just announced that it is partnering with Korea VR/AR platform developer Salin on a project to create VR/AR social experiences with PAI. The project will combine ObEN’s Personal AI with Salin’s VR/AR environments so that you can have a virtual hang-out session, catching the latest football game or attending the hottest concerts, all with just a VR headset. By using PAIs, you will feel as if you were actually in the digital room with your friends and can witness their expressions, hear them talk, kick back, and enjoy your time together.

While VR/AR can transport you into amazing gaming and social environments, until now the experience can feel detached. Your often still playing as an in-game character, interacting with NPCs (non-playable character). With ObEN’s tech combined with Salin’s award-winning platform, it will feel like you are with your friends in real life, truly sharing incredible moments together. Let’s all give Salin a warm welcome into the PAI family!

Sharing (Data) is Caring

As Project PAI devotees know, one of the key innovations on the PAI blockchain is the ability to transact data along with PAI Coin. This is achieved by attaching a data pointer to a PAI Coin transaction. The recipient uses the data pointer to locate the shared piece of data on a parallel torrent network, creating a system of decentralized, distributed data storage and transaction.

Many of the technical-minded members of our community have asked for a deeper dive into this technology and its possible applications. To answer their call, we present this whitepaper about the Project PAI Data Protocol. Hope you enjoy and as usual we encourage community members to share their thoughts or even write up their own whitepapers and protocol development suggestions.

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates full of technology developments!

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