Hello Project PAI Community! Here are this week’s updates.


Technology Updates

  • Proof of Useful Work (PoUW)
    • Begin developing parameters for Machine Learning tasks that can be performed on the PoUW blockchain, including types of datasets and neural networks
    • Worked on specifications for message history, which keeps a history of how nodes communicate with each other and details the tasks they are computing - working on proposals for implementation of a message history
    • Work on mechanisms to delegate verification of calculations and how tasks are distributed and handled among participants.
    • Implemented the new getblocktemplate mining protocol, which was developed by Bitcoin in 2012 to replace its old getwork protocol, providing security improvements
  • Proof of Work/Proof of Stake (PoW/PoS) Hybrid Mining
    • Implemented support of many new commands (an action that triggers the programs to perform a specific task)  
    • Added stubs (temporary code stand-ins) for some new commands including “existsaddress”, “existsaddresses”, “existsmempooltxs”, “searchrawtransactions”
    • Expanded existing transaction datastore to support indexing by address, which is necessary to execute such commands like “searchrawtransactions”
    • Implemented support for “reverse” and “vinextra” arguments of “searchrawtransactions”, working on additional arguments including “filteraddrs”
  • PAI Coin Core Dev
  • PAI Up Web Wallet
    • Worked on fixing bugs within the web wallet
    • Working on multi-language translation and support in web wallet

Monthly GitHub Pulse

This month's activity on the Project PAI GitHub include:

  • 5 developers pushed 42 commits
  • 14 proposed pull requests, 30 merged pull requests

Important Announcement from PAI Up!

PAI Up will be ending support for the Diawi interface on March 11, 2019. All users who downloaded the app via Diawi will need to retrieve their 12-word paper key, remove their app, then reinstall the app via the Apple App Store or Google Play and restore their PAI Up wallet. After March 11, 2019, PAI Up apps downloaded from Diawi will no longer be operable. If you have questions or need assistance visit support.paiup.com

Judging the First-Ever USC Hackathon


ObEN Chief Engineer and Project PAI Core Contributing Developer Dr. Harvilla serving as a judge for USC’s first ever Blockathon

Some of the best, most innovative blockchain apps and projects stem from the minds of students from top universities. In fact, many of the founders of the most famous blockchain projects were still students when they began working on their decentralized visions. So naturally, Project PAI is always eager to interact with students to share our tech and to find promising contributors and developers for the PAI Blockchain.

Last week core contributing developer Dr. Mark Harvilla and contributing researcher Dr. Dan Fang served as judges for the first ever USC Blockchain Hackathon. They were both very impressed by all the participants, who over two days created many exciting solutions for categories like IoT and Healthcare. It was such a pleasure to mentor such a talented group of participants and we look forward to having our own PAI dedicated hackathon in the future.

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates full of community developments!

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