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Tech in Review

Tech-wise, 2018 was a big year for Project PAI. In July, the PAI Mainnet was officially launched, followed a month later by the public opening of the PAI Github. Core contributing developer Dr. Mark Harvilla shared an AMAdiscussing what the global developer network for the PAI blockchain was working on as next steps. The year ended with a big launch of the PoW/PoS hybrid mechanism whitepaper, and a look ahead at the 2019 roadmap. You can see the complete summary of Project PAI’s 2018 tech achievements in the chart below.


Where in the World Was PAI?

In 2018, Project PAI went to a total of 11 countries and dozens of cities. These included roadshows in the UK, China, Korea, Japan, and India, as well as exclusive events at SM Town and Hashed Lounge. Thanks to the amazing global community, Project PAI was also featured at countless events, meetups, and conferences all over the world.

Major Listings


In the first year since PAI coin launched, the cryptocurrency for Personal AI was listed on 8 major exchanges, in addition to joining the exclusive community and messaging platforms for both Blockfolio and Binance.

PAI Everywhere

PAI technology partnerships could be seen over many industries this year. In January, Southeast Asian health, real estate, and retail giant Lippo Groupannounced their adoption of the PAI Blockchain. In April, ObEN created the PAI of K11 Chairman Adrian Cheng to be a part of K11 Shanghai’s spring art exhibit. Then at the Shanghai World AI Conference, the PAI of SNH48 member Aijia was unveiled to wide acclaim. This led to the creation of the world’s first Human and PAI Twins music video for SNH48’s 2018 holiday song Now and ForeverThose fond of game shows with cutting edge tech would have seen PAI compete against Microsoft’s Xiaoice on the TV show My Future, where the PAI of famous actress Dai Chunrong almost beat one of the top tech conglomerates in the world! Finally, if you are looking to spend some PAI Coin, several vendors like Up and Running Software and Tarnover in the US announced last month that they will now be accepting PAI Coin for their services.

PAI Up Wallet

In June of 2018, the PAI Up wallet was launched, allowing everyone in the Project PAI community to store, send, and receive PAI Coin on a secure mobile platform. Since then, the developers have been hard at work improving the app. They capped off the year with a major update, introducing PAI Up v2 for iOS and Android, introducing a newsfeed feature that allows you to follow crypto and blockchain news right in the app. If you haven’t yet, make sure you update your wallet app here. If you need any help with the app, visit the helpful support page. And look for more features and updates for the PAI Up wallet in 2019.

Happy New Year to everyone in the Project PAI community. 2018 was an awesome achievement for everyone involved in the project, including you — the community. PAI would not be here without your support, passion, and constant reminder to achieve bigger and better things. Looking forward to an amazing 2019!

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates full of tech developments!
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