Hello Project PAI Community - Happy New Year! Here are the latest Updates! 


Technology Updates

  • Proof of Useful Work (PoUW): Proof of Useful Work is a research project which re-engineers the Proof of Work consensus mechanism to require the energy expended to have been verifiably associated with some requested process (e.g., an AI computation).
    • Prepared the PoUW journal paper
    • Worked on the mechanism for creating slots for the message history
    • Integrating the Schulze method for the order of messages
    • Worked on DoS attacks detection improvements
    • Worked on the messaging system’s topology: A messaging topology describes the physical and logical layout of a networked messaging system. Specifically, a topology depicts the way the devices are arranged on a network and how they communicate with one another. In addition, a topology describes the way that data passes through a network. 
  • PAI Coin Mining & Staking Pool: PAI Coin Pool is a platform powered by PAI Coin for off-chain mining, staking, and storage of PAI Coin. It’s called a "pool" because users of the platform collaboratively stake and mine to earn PAI Coin rewards.
    • UI Localization of the website and mining software for China
    • Load testing: A load test is a type of software testing which is conducted to understand the behavior of the application under a specific expected load. Load testing is performed to determine a system’s behavior under both normal and at peak conditions.

  • PAI Coin Core:  The main blockchain of Project PAI

Project PAI Adopter, ObEN’s News 

Project PAI adopter ObEN has been doing lots for work in the PAI ecosystem that hopefully will be shared soon. ObEN has shared its vision for PAI and plans for the launch of its first consumer mobile app PAIYO in its new post on PAI Forum.

PAIYO: Building your own Personal AI (PAI) 

ObEN believes that every person in the world will soon have their own virtual copy,. Many refer to this virtual copy as their Personal AI - or PAI, - a digital avatar or a virtual human created using AI technology, designed to look and sound like the person who creates it. The reason we refer to it as a PAI is not just because your virtual copy has been created by AI, but because it can also be operated by AI for a ton of use cases. We see a future wherein one could download (or rather upload) their PAI into the cloud and the PAI could live forever bearing the likeness of its human creator. 

ObEN also believes that every person should own and control their PAI for their own benefit. Read More 

If you click through to the full post, you’ll notice that in addition to text, you have the option of watching a video where the post is presented using a PAI avatar. This video was created via PAI Studio, ObEN’s content creation and management platform, which enables any KOL/ Influencer or brand to make their own content in multiple languages using cloud based SaaS software. Rob Mac, who happens to be NBA champion Steph Curry’s private coach, is one among many who have recently used PAI Studio to make their own videos and share the content on social media. Here’s his latest PAI Instagram post:


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