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PAI Coin Accepted Here

Project PAI is very excited to announce the first wave of companies now accepting PAI Coin for goods and services! Over the coming weeks, several major US companies across different industries will begin accepting PAI Coin as a method of payment.


The first among these companies have already announced their involvement with PAI. They include Up and Running, a well-established custom web software development firm founded in 1995. Up and Running Software has worked with hundreds of clients across numerous industries, varying in size from startups to Fortune 10 companies. Up and Running CEO Ian McKillagan praised Project PAI in a recent press release, stating “Given UAR’s expansion into blockchain, cryptocurrency, and AI in recent years, and coupled with our emphasis on transparency and security, we found PAI Coin to be a fitting choice for us to engage on the user level…Additionally, we value the integration of a variety of cutting-edge technologies to offer something that engages a wide audience and has a practical use in a variety of settings and transactions. It’s not just for so-called ‘power users,’ but for everyone.” You can read the full press release here.

In addition, DevOps experts Tarnover has also recently announced they will be accepting PAI Coin in addition to Bitcoin. Well versed in development operations, cloud computing, and information security, Tarnover has worked with clients in the blockchain space to maintain and scale their decentralized platforms. You can now find the “PAI Coin Accepted Here” logo on their site as well as any future vendors who accept PAI Coin. As usual, follow PAI Forumand Project PAI social to get updated as more vendors join the PAI Coin family.

An Artificial (Intelligence) Smile


Have you heard it yet? The sweet sound of the world’s first PAI x Human idol group song?

For their 2018 Christmas music video, Chinese idol group SNH48 released a song featuring six of the group’s most popular stars singing and dancing with their PAI digital twins.

The song and video were co-produced by Project PAI adopter ObEN, showcasing their Personal AI technology and the amazing new content that can be created with their AI. According to media reports, SNH48 vice president Xiong Wei said “This song is our first step to test the waters in the virtual idol market. We are planning to create more intelligent virtual idols, releasing albums and making movies for them.” Sounds like the Project PAI community will soon be treated to many more celebrity PAI projects moving forward. If SNH48 begins to push PAI experiences to their millions of fans, and allow music, celebrity interactions, and fun apps to become part of the Project PAI ecosystem, there is going to be a whole new market of fans joining the PAI family!

You can watch the music video for the song Now and Forever here.

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates full of tech developments!
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