Hello Project PAI Community! Here are this week’s updates — delivered a day early to the US community to leave your Thanksgiving free for celebrations!


Technology Updates

  • Continued development of Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) protocol including the completion of a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) testing framework. The PoC framework is a critical component to testing whether the PoUW can be used in real-world conditions and stress testing the protocol for future implementation.
  • Tuning difficulty parameters to maintain consistency of time between blocks and the awarding of block rewards
  • Implementing nonce verification
  • Implementing block validation protocols
  • Implementing Python validation in PoUW nodes

Monthly GitHub Pulse

This month’s activity on the Project PAI GitHub include: 
  • 22 developers pushed 82 commits
  • 24 proposed pull requests

A Thanksgiving Shoutout to the Project PAI Contributing Team

The contributing researchers and developers of the PAI Blockchain

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Before we stuff our faces with turkey and vegetate in a collective national food coma, it’s important to take a minute to give thanks to the team who has been hard at work developing the PAI Blockchain.

Much of their work day-to-day go unnoticed, and the regular tech updates can never capture the full picture of all the research they put in throughout the year. The updates that the community actually see on the blockchain are reflective of many hours, days, and weeks on the backend. From research, testing, coding, and finally committing on GitHub, for every visible update a global group of brilliant scientists and engineers labor extensively to bring that update to reality.

A huge thank you to the team working on the technology behind Project PAI! And from the Contributing Team, a big thank you to the loyal Project PAI community, who continue to support the future of decentralized Personal AI. Have a happy, safe, and wonderful Thanksgiving!

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates full of community developments!

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