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The Best Tech of 2019

Every January, major companies, top journalists, and tech enthusiasts from all over the world fly to balmy Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, popularly known as CES. This year, Project PAI is excited to join ObENat the biggest tech expo of the year, exploring new partnerships and collaborations to integrate the latest technology trends into the Project PAI ecosystem.

Throughout the week, representatives of Project PAI and ObEN will discuss Personal AI and Blockchain technology with companies like Alibaba, Huawei, Vizio, LG, and more while they explore the convention floor and demonstrate the latest improvements to PAI technology.

Major trends on display this year include smart cars, robots, and of course, avatar technology — all of which can be personalized using PAI technology, with data secured on the PAI blockchain. Who knows, soon you may be able to hear your own voice coming out of the latest smart car or autonomous vehicle!

Speaking of Speech Technology…

The ObEN team recently returned from IEEE Speech and Language Technology Conference where they presented research on how to create more natural sounding AI-generated voices while simultaneously using smaller amounts of data. The smaller the amount of data needed, the easier and faster it is to create a PAI in a mobile app. And of course, the more natural sounding a PAI voice is, the more versatile and personal PAI technology becomes. That is the difference between a TTS system that sounds like a toy robot from the 90’s and a TTS system that is almost indistinguishable from a human. If you want to check out the fruits of these research advancements then look no further than this recent video from the ObEN team competing against Microsoft XiaoIce. How amazing does that PAI voice sound?

Conferences like these are a critical place to attract and learn from the best talent in the speech industry. PAI’s amazing voice and face is certain to wow at CES too!

Where in the World is PAI?

1/15 Stanford Made in China 2025 Conference — ObEN VP of Marketing and Partnerships, Sho Guo, joins Paulson Institute Fellow Matt Sheehan to explore the explosion of AI in China, and how companies working in the US and China are adapting to work across two global AI superpowers.

1/17 CES at UCLA — Each year, UCLA Anderson School of Management holds its own CES-like tech showcase and invites the best California companies to exhibit their technology. This year, students and researchers will get a chance to explore PAI first-hand, inspiring them to join and contribute to PAI on the blockchain.

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates full of tech developments!
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