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Project Development Updates

Guess Your Height, Earn Some PAIcoin

Did you know that your voice can be an indicator of your height?

Check for yourself with How Tall — an app by ObEN, Project PAI’s early adopter.

In the How Tall app, you will be able to test how technology and science can reveal unexpected information about ourselves by estimating how tall you are from your voice. In addition, you will be able to submit your selfie and voice data to help make PAI even better. Building the technology that allows everyone to create their PAI is very complex, and like all machine learning and AI technology, requires a lot of data. To help improve Personal AI, Project PAI is reaching out to the global community for data contribution. Best of all, in accordance with Project PAI’s vision, everyone will be compensated for their contribution with PAIcoin.

How Tall will be available in the coming week, so follow Project PAI social or join PAIforum to be the first to know when you can start earning PAIcoin!

Conversation on PAI Forum is in full swing

The official forum for Project PAI recently launched. Sign up at and join the global conversation! Regular announcements, event information, and project updates will be posted on the forums! Visit now and read all the interesting articles and Project PAI information being posted. And make sure to check back regularly for exclusive goodies and events!



Wallet Update

The PAI Up wallet is in the final stages of testing for network stability. Once testing is complete the wallet will be available for download, with PAIcoin available shortly thereafter, so please stay tuned.

Upcoming Events


Project PAI is heading to the World AI Show!

Project PAI is the headline sponsor at the upcoming World AI Show in Dubai, 4/11–4/12. The event gathers more than 200 Global AI leaders in technology, research, academics, business and investment to discuss the impact of AI on commercial applications and the many ways it can transform the world. ObEN’s adoption of Project PAI will be featured in various panels and discussions about how Personal AI can revolutionize digital interactions, including a keynote by ObEN cofounder and CEO Nikhil Jain.



Where in the world is PAI?

With the Project PAI wallet — PAI Up — close to launch, and with apps coming soon to the Project PAI blockchain, there are more events than ever all over the world, bringing together people interested in helping build the future of Personal AI on the blockchain! Here are all the great Project PAI events coming soon.

Project PAI’s upcoming events. Click on the links to RSVP.

4/7 2018 California China Summit (Los Angeles) — ObEN will share its work on the Project PAI blockchain at the largest and most influential US-China forum on the west coast of the United States.

4/11 Project PAI at UCLA (Los Angeles) — ObEN Chief Engineer will talk about development of the PAI blockchain and its many applications with students at the prestigious university.

4/11–4/12 World AI Show (Dubai) — Project PAI hits the global stage again, this time returning to the place where last year it won the World Blockchain Summit.

4/18 Pasadena AI, Blockchain, and Crypto Meetup sponsored by Project PAI — this month, featured speaker Heidi Pease, founder of the LA Blockchain Lab, will follow the money to see who is really making it big in the blockchain boom.

4/19 Project PAI Melbourne Meetup (Melbourne) — details coming soon

4/29 Harvard Blockchain Event (Boston) — details coming soon

Community Updates

ObEN was recently in Boston for BlockInvest Conference, showcasing how PAI on the blockchain can be used for digital identity! With featured speakers and panelists from Everpedia, Iconiz, and Token Report, Project PAI was featured with the cream of the blockchain crop about how blockchain is poised to change the digital world.


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Wow!  How Tall is so cool!  While my age was off by a few years, it accurately guessed my height.  How crazy there is technology that can estimate your height solely based off of your voice.  It just goes to show how accurate these avatars are to our real world likeness with this kind of technology behind them.
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gnydam wrote:
Wow!  How Tall is so cool!  While my age was off by a few years, it accurately guessed my height.  How crazy there is technology that can estimate your height solely based off of your voice.  It just goes to show how accurate these avatars are to our real world likeness with this kind of technology behind them.

Hi, gnydam! I'm glad you liked and enjoyed using How Tall! Even if How Tall is not perfectly accurate, the user gets to know how voice tells a lot about him/her 😜 Using the advanced speech system and other technologies, your avatar would more look like you, sound like you, and behave like you! 😆😊
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Just tried the How Tall app and although my age was off a few years, just like @gnydam, it was fairly accurate in the other two respects! I also had my sister test it out because I couldn't believe it! Can't wait to see how the technology develops as the data bank of voices and selfies expands. Kind of freaky to see it all coming into fruition!
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This app has been so fun to experience. It got all three characteristics right for me! How exactly does it know all that just from a voice recording?
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Such cool technology!  I'm wondering the same thing as @jmcmul, how exactly does the technology pick up on these things?  It's fascinating!
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This is so neat! It is crazy that technology like this exists. The app was able to guess all three characteristics correct for me, as well @jmcmul!
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