Hello Project PAI Community! Here are this week’s updates.


Technology Updates

PAI Coin Codebase maintenance including:

  • Refactoring of Remote Procedure Call code, which is the basic tool that allows users to request a service or function from another program located on the network.

  • Making the code compatible with the C++11 standard upgrade, which will improve usability, debugging, and maintenance of the overall blockchain.

  • Testing these updates for functionality.

Other Tech Updates

  • Final testing of PAI Token integration into PAI Up

  • Investigating PAI Up wallets that are displaying incorrect PAI Coin balances

Monthly GitHub Pulse

This month’s activity on the Project PAI GitHub include:

  • 20 developers pushed 69 commits

  • 12 proposed pull requests

Join Us in the New Future
The Great Empress Dai shocked to meet her digital twin, introduced to her by ObEN COO Adam Zheng, left.

In the last PAI Newsletter Tech Updates, you got hints that ObEN will be unveiling a new celebrity PAI on an upcoming game show. Well, drum roll please…

This Sunday, ObEN will be competing against Microsoft XiaoIce, also known as Little Ice, on the popular Chinese game show “My Future”. The show pits top companies against each other to see which new futuristic technology impresses the celebrity judges the most.

For the show, ObEN created the PAI of popular Empress of Drama Dai Chunrong — anyone who knows Asian TV will know her as the main villain in the mega-hit My Fair Princess. Even Conan O’Brien is a fan! On the show, Dai interacts with her PAI and even has an interesting chat with her digital double.

Watch the trailer here. Catch the full episode Sunday 3:30am PST/7:30pm GMT+8, “China Standard Time”, on mgtv.com

So who will win this war of technology? Who will be victorious in the AI future — ObEN’s PAI or Microsoft’s Ice? You’ll have to watch to find out, or just stay tuned on the Project PAI social channels!

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates full of community developments!

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