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Dance Like Everyone is Watching

A major dance battle between a PAI and his creator

Within the Project PAI ecosystem, developers can allow users to share their data securely and privately, and help improve AI algorithms so that your Personal AI can do more amazing things.

With all the amazing skills PAI can learn, have you ever imagined all the things that PAI can do better than us? Speaking in many different languages, singing with perfect pitch, and even learning the latest dances are all easy tasks for a PAI.

Recently, at Shanghai Media Group’s annual upfront, Team ObEN was featured in a demo experience that allowed the VIP guests to create their own PAI and watch it dance. One talented man wanted to test his own skills against those of his newly created digital twin. What do you think? Who won this dance-off, man or machine?

As users share more data on the PAI blockchain, not only do they retain control and use of that data, they also help make their PAIs more and more powerful. Whether it’s for entertainment, health, travel, or everyday tasks, there are so many things PAI can do for you, and even do better than you. Any other PAI versus human challenges you would like to see? Share your ideas with the community on PAIforum!

Upcoming Events


12/6 Tsinghua 2018 China Cultural and Financial Summit — PAI returns to Tsinghua, China’s leading University, to showcase the latest in Personal AI and blockchain technology and the industry vision for 2019.

12/13–12/15 AIMed North America — LA Blockchain Lab COO and ObEN Business Strategist Eman Safadi will talk about developments in AI and Blockchain and how they will impact the medical field, as well as some exciting research involving PAI in the medical field.

12/18–12/21 ObEN at IEEE SLT — One of the things that make PAI so powerful is its ability to speak, sing, and understand the voices of individuals. That technology is powered by ObEN Speech and Natural Language Processing researchers and engineers. Next month, they are headed to Greece to present some of their latest research at one of the world’s premier speech research conferences.

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates full of tech updates!

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