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A Close Fight

PAI vs Microsoft ended in a close fight, with Microsoft barely pulling off a win 93 to 92

Did you catch ObEN and Microsoft XiaoIce battling it out on “My Future” last week?

The TV series pits the best in futuristic technologies against each other to see which can capture the imaginations of the celebrity guests and audience members.

ObEN created the PAI of famous Asian actress Dai Chunrong, known for her role as the evil queen in My Fair Princess. With PAI technology, the queen was immortalized in digital form, allowing the real-life person to converse with her digital twin.

It was a close fight, with Microsoft’s AI bot narrowly beating the PAI by one vote! Not bad for a startup versus a tech giant — and the PAI didn’t even bring out her singing skills.

ObEN COO Adam Zheng helping the hosts of My Future try out PAI technology

The Next Chapter

ObEN CEO Nikhil Jain on a panel with executives from Ripple and Bitmain

2018 has been a roller coaster of a year for the blockchain industry. Every aspect of the industry feels like it is in flux, not just cryptocurrency prices, and the constant ups and downs have everyone on the edge of their seat. As we close out 2018where does blockchain go in 2019?

This week, at a private conference held by leading investment bank CEC Capital, ObEN CEO Nikhil Jain joined Ripple SVP Ethan Beard and Bitmain COO Philip Lu to discuss where the blockchain industry is going next.

The overall takeaway from the discussion? As blockchain technology matures, more enterprise blockchain applications will be adopted, especially in the realms of payment, identity management, and data security. So have no fear, blockchain is here to stay, in 2019 and beyond.

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates full of tech updates!

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