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A Big Update to PAI Up Support


One of the major benefits of the Project PAI ecosystem is the availability of the PAI Up wallet, which can be used to securely store, send, and receive PAI Coin.

Many in the Project PAI community have reached out in the PAI Up Telegram group to ask for support with the wallet functions, give their feedback on wallet performance, and make requests to the developers behind the app. Now, there is a new support platform to streamline this process.

The new PAI Up support page — available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese — is an easy way for any PAI Up user to reach the support team. Through the support page, you will find answers to commonly asked questions, articles and videos that guide you through the installation and use of the wallet, and a messaging system to contact customer support.

Project PAI and all the contributing developers are dedicated to providing the best experience for the users and community, and appreciate all the feedback and support. The new PAI Up support page is a reflection of that commitment to building the best tools for the PAI Blockchain, and will hopefully help provide better, quicker service to the Project PAI community!

Building Better Research in the UK


This month, the ObEN team visited London to explore collaborations with some of the top universities in the world, including Oxford and CambridgeUniversities as well as Imperial College in London.

They met with faculty, students, government representatives and entrepreneurs in the AI, blockchain, and healthcare spaces and they discussed potential projects that can utilize the PAI Blockchain to shape research and solutions in many fields. You can read a full recap of their visit here.

The ObEN team even held a highly successful event at Cambridge along with the new Cambridge Bradfield Center, where PAI on the Blockchain impressed some of the leading members of the UK healthcare industry. Read news coverage of the event from the Cambridge Independent here. Looking forward to where these amazing relationships lead in the coming months.

Upcoming Events

11/1 ObEN and Project PAI at UCLA — Today in LA, join a technical exploration of PAI on the Blockchain and discuss business use cases for this technology at UCLA, one of the world’s leading public research universities.

11/14 CEC Capital Summit — ObEN CEO Nikhil Jain joins Bitmain COO Philip Liu and other esteemed panelists to discuss the latest developments in blockchain technology.

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates full of tech updates!

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