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Sharing the Spirit of Innovation at TED

This month, Project PAI joined the TED community at TEDx Pasadena, introducing attendees to the myriad of uses for Personal AI on the Blockchain. Dedicated to the theme of “Transformation”, the conference focused on transforming the future through technology, leadership, and putting words and visions to action.

With personal data protection such a major topic of discussion in 2018, many speakers and visitors were incredibly impressed by the ability to use the Project PAI blockchain to secure their own personal identity and personal data on the blockchain, and the transformative power of this technology on key industries like healthcare, entertainment, social, and more.

Engaging the LA Tech Scene


Team ObEN continues to engage the LA technology and blockchain community with the Project PAI blockchain. This month, members of ObEN’s leadership team attended the AI in LA meetup, a leading event for LA investors, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts to talk about the importance of integrating AI and blockchain technology, and how the synergy between the two can lead to explosive growth and development in both fields. It was a great opportunity to explore key partnerships within the LA tech scene that will soon bring more companies into the PAI Blockchain ecosystem.

Upcoming Events


10/7 Berkeley China Summit — Adam Zheng, ObEN co-founder and COO, will be at UC Berkeley for the 2018 Berkeley China Summit to talk about research and development of blockchain technology.

10/11 Women in Blockchain and Crypto Meetup — This month, securities attorney Alexandra Damsker explains the blockchain and crypto regulatory environment in the US and the effects of regulation on the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

10/15 Caltech CMS TechFest — Team ObEN will be participating at Caltech’s demo fair for companies, students, and faculty to introduce students to ObEN’s adoption of blockchain technology and participate in recruiting activities on the famed tech university.

10/22 ABC Pasadena Meetup — As part of Innovate Pasadena Connect Week, Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Director of the USC Viterbi Center for Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things (CCI), discusses the importance of a decentralized data economy in IoT, smart cities, and more.

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