Hello Project PAI Community! Here are this week’s updates.

Technology Updates

Implemented new RPC/CLI methods, which will provide better ways for developers to work on expanding the functionality of PAI Coin Core, including:

  • 1. Restore wallet from paper key
  • 2. Retrieve paper key from a wallet generated with one
  • 3. Generate paper key from wallet originally generated without one.

Other PAI Tech Updates:

  • 1. Patched Bitcoin Core DDoS duplicate inputs bug
  • 2. Implementing on-chain mining whitelist tracking
  • 3. Improving unit test coverage for PAI Coin Core
  • 4. Ongoing development of PAI Token integration into PAI Up

Monthly GitHub Pulse

This month’s activity on the Project PAI GitHub include:

  • 1. 8 developers pushed 62 commits comprising 153 additions and 32 deletions
  • 2. 2 proposed pull requests
  • 3. 26 merged pull requests

Sharing Research at Interspeech 2018[1*4Xf9bcu6mW97XJe-u8c-Yw]

Project PAI adopter ObEN was recently at Interspeech, where their Speech and Machine Learning scientists presented papers on the development of speech systems that let them transform the user’s voice into speech in various languages. This has a direct impact on creating PAIs that can speak in their users’ voice in languages that the user may not actually speak. You can read more about it here.

The state-of-the-art research conducted by those working on PAI and the PAI blockchain continue to improve the functionality and ability of everyone’s Personal AI. Can’t wait to see what skills PAI develop next!

See you in the next issue of PAI Updates full of community developments!

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