The ObEN team has an amazing roster of talented researchers and developers working on their Personal AI technology and contributing code to the Project PAI blockchain. But even with their own in-house brain trust, there is still a lot more that could be achieved, and ObEN are always on the lookout for ways to recruit from and collaborate with the best universities and research institutions in the world.

That is why this month, ObEN COO Adam Zheng headed to his Alma Mater UC Berkeley, long considered one of the best universities in the world.

Speaking at the Berkeley China Summit and sharing the stage with entrepreneurs and Nobel Laureates alike, Adam discussed ObEN’s work on the Project PAI blockchain and cultivated research and commercial interest in expanding the PAI ecosystem. He also discussed with fellow panelists about different ways blockchain applications are changing the world of technology, especially AI.

While at the event, the ObEN team also participated in the International Universities Innovation Alliance (IUIA) business pitch competition, where applications of PAI on the blockchain made it all the way to the finals in a competition against mature companies in Internet 3.0, AI, and other emerging technologies. With their momentum in full swing, ObEN also participated in recruiting activitiesbecause you can never have too many brilliant minds working on your technologyespecially when that technology is a digital double for everyone in the world.

These events are critical for expanding the scope and adoption of the PAI blockchain and Personal AI.

Adam shared ObEN’s PAIintelligent digital avatars that look and sound like the userto many key leaders in the technology space. Attending a private, invitation only dinner at the heart of Silicon Valley the night before the summit, Adam got the rare chance to pick the minds of the world’s leading experts in computer learning, cryptography, machine learning, and AI.


He had the rare opportunity to meet Professor Patterson, originator of the mobile chip and this year’s Turing Award winner.


He shared ObEN's work in machine learning with Dr. Michael Jordanconsidered the world’s most influential computer scientist.


And discussed ObEN's vision of securing their PAI and user data on the Project PAI blockchain with encryption expert and Turing Award winner Dr. Shafi Goldwasser.


Adam even discussed development of the PAI blockchain’s Proof-of-Useful Work mechanism, which uses mining power to train AI algorithms, with Dr. Trevor Darrell, co-Director of the Berkeley AI Research lab.

Exploring avenues of collaboration with researchers help bring the best and brightest minds in the world to the PAI blockchain ecosystem, and help ObEN create more and more useful skills that your Personal AI can use. ObEN have lots of exciting university collaborations coming upcan you guess what they may be? Follow ObEN on social to be the first to hear their latest announcements.


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